The Interfaces Engineering Laboratory focuses on the fabrication of nanorods and thin films, with secondary effort on mechanics and radiation damage of nanostructures. The research involves a combination of physical vapor deposition experiment, chemical vapor deposition experiment, atomistic simulations, and theoretical formulations. Augmenting the materials/mechanics research, the Laboratory also works on the development of simulation methods – including the Response Embedded Atom Method (R-EAM) and the polycrystalline lattice kinetic Monte Carlo method. Current sponsors include: Office of Basic Energy Science of Department of Energy, National Science Foundation, Army Research Laboratory, and Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Translating the scientific discoveries to technologies, Stephen Stagon (PhD 2013), Paul Elliott (PhD 2016, expected), and Hanchen Huang have founded a startup company MesoGlue, LLC. The following youtube video introduces the technology of MesoGlue. 

This technology has been the subject of more than 200 news reports, some of which are listed here.


  • A patent in 2016 - US-2016-0172327-A1: Low Temperature Bonding and Sealing with Spaced Nanorods, by Stagon and Huang.  

  • Congratulations to Yongfeng Zhang (PhD 2009) on becoming the Group Leader of Computational Microstructure Science at the Idaho National Laboratory in 2015.

  • Congratulations to Jian Wang (PhD 2006) on becoming Associate Professor at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln in 2015.

  • Congratulations to Stephen Stagon (PhD 2013) on becoming Assistant Professor at the University of North Florida in 2014. 

  • Congratulations to Xiaobin Niu (post-doc) on becoming Young 1000-Talent Chair Professor at the Electronic University of Science and Technology China in 2014. 

  • Taking the "Smallest Metallic Nanorods" to applications, we have developed a technology of metallic seal that is feasible at room temperature, under small mechanical pressure, and in ambient environment. Yet, the leak rate of the metallic seal is at least 1000X better than that of polymeric seal. The results are published in Nature Scientific Reports 3, 3066 (2013).

  • Our recent work "Smallest Metallic Nanorods Using Physical Vapor Deposition" in Physical Review Letters 110, 136102 (2013) has been chosen as the Editors' Suggestion, hilighted as the Synopsis in Physics at, and is currently the lead story on UConn Today.

  • Stephen Stagon (PhD 2013) is featured at UConn Graduate School website

  • Paul Elliot (PhD expected 2017) has been competitively selected to represent UConn Engineering at the Universities’ 21 Graduate Research Conference on Energy Systems, Policy and Solutions [see].

  • Congratulations to Stephen Stagon on winning the Graduate Research Award (2nd place).

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